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Chris is a sneaky sort of strong, sometimes so sneaky she surprises herself! We love that Chris is breaking the stereotype of elementary teachers and brings her fun, kind, energetic self in to get work done.

"Chris, admittedly, gets out of her comfort zone every day just walking in the gym. Over the last year I have seen her overcome some legitimate fears about pushing herself physically, due to previous injuries. Her gains have been consistently huge! It is so fun, as a coach, to help nudge Chris beyond what she thinks she is capable of and see a visible sense of accomplishment on her face. She is a true testament to the results our athletes will see with patience, hard work, coachability, and taking a little risk."

- Coach Regina

1. What made you choose CFL to meet your fitness goals over other gyms in the area?

CrossFit pushes your limits in a safe, structured environment-perfect balance of daring safety. Bonus: I don't have to plan anything!

2. What is your favorite thing(s) about working out at CFL?

My favorite part of CrossFit is the people. The community's positivity and support are unmatched. I also love that it's a Pav thing. It's a household conversation. Has your experience working out at CFL been different in any way than experiences you’ve had at prior facilities? The coaches. Hands down. They genuinely want you to get stronger. Their coaching, especially on form, has made a huge difference in my confidence. I go to Crossfit to be a better human. They help me do that.

3. What motivates you to stay so consistent with your workouts?


4. What fitness goals do you have for yourself going forward?

Connecting consecutive I also want to get more consistent in lifting for my summer schedule.

5. What do you like to do when you’re not working out at CFL?

Anything outside and active, creating things, and puppy snuggles

6. What would you name the autobiography of your life?

I can title it after I write the rest of the story!

7. What is the last good book you read?

"Trevor Noah: Born a Crime" But you have to listen to it rather than read it to hear him do the voices, accents, and various languages. It's an intimate view of South Africa and the effects of Apartheid.

8. Do you prefer cardio or strength training?

I need both.

9. What is your beverage of choice after working out?

Cold water

10. What does your perfect day look like?

An active day outside ended with a delicious dinner and campfire.

11. What is your favorite kind of music (or musical artists) to listen to when you work out?

Hip Hop and Rap- something with a heavy beat I can tune into.

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