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Sometimes it can be tough to get to the gym. Maybe you’re super busy at work and get home late. Maybe you are on a business trip or vacation. Maybe you haven’t been for a while and want to get started again at home. Maybe you locked yourself out of the house and have to wait for your husband to come home and let you in. You know, sometimes things happen!

One thing that I have found helpful are CrossFit Durham’s Travel WODs. (WOD stands for Workout Of the Day) I have used these on multiple occasions when I’ve been on vacation or when I was just starting CrossFit to help my body slowly adjust. You can do one or more if you feel good at the end of the first one!

Even though most of these are body weight exercises, everything can still be scaled!

Air Squats: Place feet directly under hips (toes forward) and squat onto the edge of a bed or chair.

Pushups: Place hands shoulder width apart on the edge of a bed or chair and lock arms. Step back (hands still there) so that your feet are behind you and you are in a plank position. Do push ups from this position. Make sure you keep your back straight!

Burpees: Preform a scaled pushup and then step forward and stand. Jump high with both your hands above your head.

Handstand Pushups: Place your knees on a bed or non-moving chair. Place your hands on the floor shoulder width apart and to a pushup.

Pistols: do a scaled air squat but with only one leg.

Box Jumps: Step onto a box or stair instead of jumping.

Run: Walk as fast as you can. Interval running and walking. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!

If you are looking for a database of how to do any of these exercises correctly, go to the CrossFit Exercises and Demos page.

Also a great Tabata timer (Tabata = 20 sec. work, 10 sec. rest) can be found here!

Hope this helps you too when your life gets a little too crazy!

Do something your future self will thank you for

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