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Member Spotlight

You know her, you love her... this month's Spotlight goes to Blake!

Since day one her smile and try-anything attitude has brightened the atmosphere at CFL. She came in hungry for strength and is finding more than she

thought was in her.

"I have loved watching Blake become stronger both mentally and physically every time I see her. And she always come in with a smile" ~Annie

Take inspiration from Blake and face those things that seem daunting with the mindset of,

"Oh, just wait to see what I can do!"

1. What made you choose CFL to meet your fitness goals over other gyms in the area?

When I lived in Fort Collins I joined a CrossFit gym for a couple months and fell in love with it. I moved out here to Montana a little over a year ago and wanted to get involved in a CrossFit gym again. I mentioned to someone how I wanted to find a good gym and she recommended CFL. I am so thankful for that recommendation

2. What is your favorite thing(s) about working out at CFL?

I love how encouraging everyone is here! I also love that everyone joins in the excitement of meeting personal goals.

3. What motivates you to stay so consistent with your workouts?

What motivates me is being able to see how strong I’m becoming. I’m also starting to reach some of my goals and it’s really exciting to see what else my body is capable of.

4. What fitness goals do you have for yourself going forward?

I want to be able to do standard pull ups without using any bands. I also want to participate in a CrossFit competition someday.

5. What do you like to do when you’re not working out at CFL?

I love hiking with my dog Pip, swing dancing to live music, and staying active outside as much as possible

6. What would you name the autobiography of your life?

I can’t think of an autobiography name (Hehe)

7. What is the last good book you read?

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

8. Do you prefer cardio or strength training?

Definitely strength training. Cardio has never been my forte

9. What is your beverage of choice after working out?

I like to drink a vanilla protein shake after working out

10. What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day would be taking my dog Pip on a nice hike and then soaking at Chico with a group of friends

11. What is your favorite kind of music (or musical artists) to listen to when you work out?

My favorite music to listen to when working out is country music

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