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Fall Fitness Ramp Up!

July and August have flown by! A lot have exciting changes have been happening around our little gym and more are on the way! Since the transfer of ownership we have

  • Added some color! Green, blue and a giant logo mural have spruced up the place.

  • Built a new bench/shoe holder for storing all the everyday things

  • Brought in recovery drinks, freezer pops and Rx bars to fuel our fitness in a custom built merchandise area

  • Ordered sweet new shirts, hats, and stickers so we can represent outside the gym

  • Bought some new equipment! A new wall ball, padded box jump box, and some much needed 25 lb. weights

  • Added 6 AM classes everyday!

  • Hosted a super fun Kids Fitness Camp! Those kids are growing up strong!

  • Revamped the Kids’ area. The new padded flooring looks so good!

  • Introduced the awesome app! Download the ZenPlanner app with the white background now to check on the daily schedule, workout and more!

We have also added a group warmup and stretch portion added to our daily workouts so we stay bendy.

Another fun addition has been the “Brag Board”. Our CFL family is awesome and we wanted a way to celebrate each other’s victories. July and August were full of firsts and

personal records, way to go!

August Brag Board
July Brag Board

If you liked the vibe of July and August, you are going to love September, or as we’ve named it…


In Strengthtember, we are going to be focusing on starting this Fall out STRONG.

  • We will be running special for the whole month of September. We are offering 30 days of Unlimited for $30! (This applies to newcomers only) Bring a friend that has been curious about trying it out, tell your co-workers, bring in your spouse! If someone redeems this offer off your recommendation, you will be entered in a prize drawing (more on that later)! Drop in or email to sign up!

  • We are using this month to focus on lifting and making sure we are making it a priority in our weekly routine. Getting stronger in these lifts will help you get better across the board. Make sure you are coming in with enough time to do your Olympic Lifting Sheets. Everyone will also be working on updating or logging their first 1 Rep Max in various lifts. This helps you see the progress you are making and is great for helping decide what you should be lifting in workouts.

(Coaches will have some Open Gym times posted on Facebook,so stay tuned if you

need extra time to get your lifts in.)

  • We also will be making a change to one of our workout times. The Saturday WOD will be moving from 10AM to 9AM starting September 2nd.

  • We will be running a running a prize drawing for members! You already Like and Follow us on Facebook and Instagram (If not you should!), so we will be adding your name into the drawing every time you post a picture of yourself doing something active or wearing our logo! Just post the picture, tag us (so we can see it), and include #strengthtember.

The last exciting news for Strengthtember is that on Sunday, September 24th we will be throwing our official Grand Reopening Party from 12-3 PM! At 12 PM we will have a fun, scalable workout for current members and those who want to try us out. It will not be super intense, so encourage your friends to come sweat with us! After that, we will be hosting a BBQ Potluck and passing out our new CrossFit Livingston koozies. This is a fun day for the public to tour the gym, ask questions and celebrate with us an awesome first three months. Families are welcome and we can’t wait to see you there.

We want to thank our CFL family for being so awesome about the changes and sharing your excitement and ideas. Here’s to having a great Strengthtember and becoming stronger versions of ourselves.

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