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Avocado Lime Coleslaw Wraps

I first stumbled upon this recipe on a blog called I Love Vegan. Throughout the year I cycle through a few eating styles, one of them being a Plant Based diet. I’ll chat all about it with you if you’re curious, but that’s not why we’re here! This has become one of my go to meals and a fan favorite around the house. This meal gives a good balance of protein, carbs and healthy fats to that you feel full and are getting awesome nutrients at the same time.

I adapted the original recipe due to my preferences and levels of laziness (I don’t have any desire to marinate things…ever) so feel free to do the same.

Avocado Lime Coleslaw wraps

½ C BBQ sauce

¼ C water

2 blocks extra firm tofu OR 1 lb chicken tenders (not breaded or anything…just chicken)

¼ C Mayo (vegan or regular, I love the Grapeseed Veganaise by Follow Your Heart)

1 avocado

1 lime (or lemon), juiced

2 cloves garlic

½ C water

½ C spinach (I just grab a handful)

*Optional salt, pepper, hot sauce

1 bag coleslaw, no sauce (if you’re super ambitious chop your own cabbage and carrots, but I’m not most days when I’m fighting of a case of the “Hangrys”).


Oven BBQ your protein of choice by laying thawed chicken tenders or ¼ in slices of tofu onto a baking sheet. Mix water and BBQ sauce and coat the protein. Bake at 400˚ for 35-40 min.

While protein is baking, place remaining ingredients except the coleslaw in a blender and blend till smooth. You may need to add more water to reach consistency. Pour over coleslaw and mix until everything is nice and coated in sauce.


This can be made into a wrap or as a bowl if you’re trying to cut down on Carbs. Top with hot sauce if you please and enjoy!

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