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Couples that CrossFit

CrossFit WODs and marriage share many traits.

Both are intense, constantly varied and help us become more functional people.

In both there are good days...and not so good days.

Getting better takes work.

The best ones make you weak in the knees and your tummy does flips.

Both can be raw and real as we take on weaknesses,

and sharing our victories makes them even better.

At CrossFit Livingston we have eight couples who are strengthening

not only their bodies, but their marriages.

We love that our couples are making fitness an important part of their lives and supporting each other to pursue their goals and chase fitness together.

Having a partner that helps you focus on the positives

and loves you through the PRs and the crap days is a beautiful thing.

To celebrate Valentine's Day and our awesome couples we gave them this month's spotlight and some questions that will help us get to know them a little better.


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