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The Open: Why You Should Sign Up

“Do you think we'll have dumbells again?”

“I hope they don’t repeat 15.5”

“Are you watching the Announcement on Thursday after class?”

“This year I’m gonna get a muscle-up”

It’s the middle of January and that means you’re about to hear a lot of rumblings about something called “The Open”.

“What the heck is The Open?!”

Technically, The Open is the first stage of three in finding who will be going to the Crossfit Games in August to be named “The Fittest on Earth”. It features one workout a week for five weeks, and scores are collected in an online leaderboard.

It is also a worldwide event that challenges and inspires not only the hundreds of thousands of competing athletes, but also everyone who comes to watch.

I find it funny that is has become one of the highlights of my year. I remember how nervous I was to sign up for my first one 2 years ago and now I’m practically throwing money at the computer the second registration opens.

Some of you may be nervous or unsure like I was, so let’s take a look at some of the main reasons I hear for people not wanting to join the party.

“I just started _____ weeks/months/years ago!”

None of us are going to the games this year. That’s not the point for us. Perhaps you are just learning to get the movements and technique or getting comfortable under the bar. You should do The Open because it will prove to you that you can do more than you thought possible. The rush of finishing a tough workout is addictive and the self confidence you earn is phenomenal.

“I’m not good enough for those workouts!”

FIrst off, yes you are. Just like any other CrossFit workout, The Open WODs can be scaled to your ability. I'm not going to lie, these workouts are hard. They will leave you gassed and sore, but you will have pushed yourself to your limit and that is worth applauding.

There have also been countless “firsts” attained during The Open.

“I got the heaviest clean I’ve ever done!”

“I got my first muscle up!”

“I figured out how to do knees to elbows!”

It’s what we like to call “Open Magic” know you want some!

“I don’t have extra time every Friday!”

We have “Friday Night Lights” every week of The Open at CFL, but you can complete the workout at any time during the week as long as a judge is present. Traveling? Contact the nearest CrossFit box and jump in with them!

That is one of my favorite things about The Open. I share times and reps with my friends who have done the same workout in Oregon and California. We collectively gawk at the scores of the elites in Iceland, Australia and New England.

This event is the CrossFit community at its biggest and best.

(I just got goosebumps thinking about this!)

“What if I’m last or can’t finish?”

Everyone will be impressed that you are pushing yourself, and as one who finishes last a lot, the cheers and love are strongest at the end. There is no judgement when you try your hardest. As my friend Marisa says, “Everybody loves a caboose!”

“I don’t want people to watch me!”

At first it is weird. Soon the energy and cheers will be more uplifting than awkward and you will be in your “special place” getting work done. You will forget they are even there. Everyone there is pulling for you, so don’t feel embarrassed, own it!

I hope I see all of you sign up for The Open.

It is a blast to push our individual limits alongside eachother.

Take a chance and surprise yourself, you have more strength than you know!

If nothing else, you’ll be doing the workout fridays at CFL anyway...and it’s only $20!

The Open is Feb 22nd- Mar 26th

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