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Tuesday/Thursday + 4 Saturdays

7 pm classes on T/TH

Whether it’s your first or fortieth obstacle course race, you want to perform your best and have fun doing it.


Training for an obstacle course race requires more than running; you need to prepare your body for the rigorous obstacles that define the obstacle course races.  Luckily, CrossFit Livingston specializes in training for the unknown physical demands.  We love constantly varied, functional movements and will help you gain confidence, aptitude, and speed in numerous skills and movements, including:

Rope climbs
bucket carries
grip strength
wall hurdles
uphill endurace
 core strength
sandbag carries
tire flips
vertical hauling 
and of course...

Registration includes:  

15 hours of training at CrossFit Livingston, 4- 2 hour outdoor training sessions in Paradise Valley, a sense of pride & mental toughness and a free t-shirt.


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