Member Spotlight

When I think of Heidi, one word instantly comes to mind, TOUGH! Heidi is not only physically strong, but she has the mental toughness to throw herself at just about anything. She has a "why-the-hell-not" approach to trying challenging movements and is an all around boss. "She's dedicated, strong and always willing to learn and push herself." - Annie Here's an inside look at this month's spotlight, Heidi! 1. What made you choose CFL to meet your fitness goals over other gyms in the area? About 3 years ago I went to a CrossFit gym with a friend to check it out and I was instantly hooked. I checked to see where the closest CrossFit gym was to me and was super excited when I found out there was

The Open: Why You Should Sign Up

“Do you think we'll have dumbells again?” “I hope they don’t repeat 15.5” “Are you watching the Announcement on Thursday after class?” “This year I’m gonna get a muscle-up” It’s the middle of January and that means you’re about to hear a lot of rumblings about something called “The Open”. “What the heck is The Open?!” Technically, The Open is the first stage of three in finding who will be going to the Crossfit Games in August to be named “The Fittest on Earth”. It features one workout a week for five weeks, and scores are collected in an online leaderboard. It is also a worldwide event that challenges and inspires not only the hundreds of thousands of competing athletes, but also everyone

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